Spring Semester!

Oh my, it is close to midnight and I really should be finishing my math homework before going to bed right about now. BUT I just had to write an update. I am loving this semester. I am learning so much. About secular things spiritual things, and myself. I am truly to blessed to have the Gospel in my life. I don’t know where I would be without the knowledge that I am the daughter of a loving Heavenly Father, who sent His Son to mortality to fulfill the Atonement by suffering and dying for me. And for you! Isn’t it amazing!

I love my classes this semester. They are so interesting. I’m taking Intro to Chemistry, Nutrition 1020, Math 1050 (again) 😦 , Ballroom Dance, and two institute classes: Doctrines of the Gospel and Book of Mormon. My extracurricular activities include: Marketing Manager for a club called “Dance United”, Publicity Committee for the Institute, Institute Choir, and I’m also working two days a week. 🙂 I love to be busy! Especially with activities that are exciting and challenging. I am grateful for the opportunity to develop my talents and find new talents.

I am especially grateful for trials and challenges. I know that I can learn the most from them, than if nothing is ever hard for me. My new favorite quote: “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm” – Winston Churchill …In the movie, “Meet the Robinsons” the main character fails when he tries to fix a machine (a peanut-butter and jelly gun to be exact), and his family cheers and is so ecstatic about his failure, “You FAILED! Hooray!” and then one of the aunts explains that we learn the most/best from our failures, from our successes? not so much… I love that. It is so true.

So with the rest of the semester ahead, including my trials and challenges, I will remember in Whom I trust and be happy for all my many, many blessings! Hooray!


One response to “Spring Semester!

  1. Cassie!! You are so amazing! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have you in my ward this semester. I don’t know you as well as I wish I did but what I do know of you makes me smile and encourages me to be a better person. Thanks a billion Cassie! I’ll see you when I see you =D

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